Matrix5 Site Development makes safety and quality a top priority for all employees. If it’s not safe, we’re not doing it! We are uncompromising to the health and safety of our employees.


We integrate safety and risk management into our daily operations, ensuring that it becomes a natural part of our operation's culture, enhancing management/worker cooperation and providing long-term results. As part of a growing industry, we welcome improvement through our participation in OSHA challenge and completion of VPP performance objectives.

Safety and Health Policy Statement

It is the policy of Matrix5 Site Development to provide a safe and healthy worksite environment for our employees and to establish a cooperative attitude with the management, employees and customers. Our pledge to each employee is to structure the worksite to be as safe as possible and to communicate potential safety and health hazards, as well as training and other, measures that minimize the possibilities of accidents, injuries or illness on the job.

Matrix5 has a health and safety program which requires a commitment from both the company and our employees for a combined effort to continually assess and improve the health and safety welfare for everyone. Therefore, our employees must share the responsibility of providing a safe and healthful work environment by communicating known health and safety hazards or potential health and safety hazards to management and adhering to the rules as set forth by Matrix5 Site Development. We are committed to:

Therefore, our Health and Safety Program shall be interwoven into every phase of the business and will be enforced uniformly, consistently and swiftly.