Soil Modification

Whether your project has unique soil characteristics or you are seeking soil stabilization, we have the solution for you. Excavating a site can be time consuming and expensive. The technologies we use allow us to modify existing soil to your specifications.

Soil stabilization and modification increases the strength of the subgrade ensuring that your development has the right foundation. Some job sites are too wet or lack the necessary soil strength to support heavy loads. By using lime, lime kiln dust, cement or fly ash we modify the properties of your soil so that it can be compacted properly. This provides a suitable sub-base for buildings, bridge foundations, retaining structures, groundwater control and more. Soil modification is more economical than excavating an entire site, hauling away the bad soil and replacing it with better soil. We work closely with our engineers to determine the right approach and to what extent the soil needs to be modified or stabilized. Our soil stabilization and modification approach solve sediment issues, extremely wet soil, or excessive soil plasticity. Our excavation expertise can help achieve the right subgrade stability for your development.